Destination agency České středohoří, o.p.s. = agency for tourism in destination Bohemian Central Uplands and Podřipsko region

Destination agency České středohoří, o.p.s. was entered in the public benefit organization register maintained by The Regional Authority of the Ústí nad Labem Region On 11/12 2012. Founders of the organization are: City of Litoměřice, Ústecký kraj and Litoměřice bishopric.

Ústecký kraj Město Litoměřice Biskupství Litoměřice

Main effort of the established destination management organization are intentions coordination of active participant of tourism.

Branch of activities include the following beneficial services:

  • supporting informations of making decisions in environmental branch and regional development

  • environmental care, protection of regional natural and cultural heritage

  • education and awareness

  • identification and support of projects, especially in environmental branch and sustainable regional development

  • support of friendly tourism including tourist service realization, among other things tourist information provision and other related visitors services

  • support of international cooperation, especially in environmental branch, friendly tourism, education and regional development

  • positive presentation of region including exhibition, fair and publication activity

  • publication of information materials and publications

  • arranging accommodation

  • guide services

Destination agency České středohoří comprises Landscape park Bohemian Central Uplands, including Litoměřice region and a part of Ústí nad Labem region, Děčín region and Teplice region and Podřipsko region.

Details: Landscape park Bohemian Central Uplands in area of Litoměřice district, parts of Ústí nad Labem and Děčín districts, minor parts of Most, Teplice and Louny districts and also Podřipsko region. West side of Litoměřice district in area along Natural park Dolní Poohří already overlaps with the region Destination agency Dolní Poohří. Although it is a heterogeneous area in terms of natural conditions, the region is connected by the Elbe valley as a phenomenon of the region, important transport axis (highway D8 and road I/8 E55 and I. railway corridor), which leads through the valley, but also institutional organization and cooperation inside the region.

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