Bike path at Lake Milada

Lake Milada offers a number of routes and round trips for cyclists.

There are several round trips marked around Lake Milada near Ústí nad Labem. Although these are not classic marked cycling routes, they are still often used for cycling trips for people of all ages. The location offers paths with different surfaces. There are asphalt paths and paths with gravel. The longest route called Otovická is more than 10 km.

Detailed description and map of routes can be found on the website of Lake Milada.

It is also possible to use the adjacent classic cycling routes and extend your cycling trip, for example, through Chabařovice to Chlumec and Krupka on CT 3009 or along the same route in the other direction through Roudníky and Habří and further along other cycling routes to Stadice.

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Lake Milada – Chabařovice

The lake was created in a mining pit of a former lignite mine. It is located near Ústí nad Labem. The filling started in 2001 from the nearby Kateřina reservoir and its filling lasted until 2010.

Milada is one of the largest lakes in the Czech Republic with its area of 252 ha. The water in the lake is very clean and the view depth reaches up to eleven meters, thanks to which various species of fish have been caught here. Around the lake we find a lot of interesting and protected animals and plants.

The lake is used mainly for recreational and sports purposes

  • running
  • tourism
  • swimming and water sports such as paddleboarding, canoeing
  • cycling or inline skating (inline track - asphalt road - goes around the middle of the lake and still is under construction)

In 2006, the cycle path No. 3009 was put into operation here, which leads through the area of the outer quarry dump, with a connection to Habří and Řehlovice. In the summer months, it is possible to enjoy several water sports


In the summer season you will find several refreshment stands and paddleboard rentals at Lake Milada.


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