Chocolate laboratory - Litoměřice

Handmade chocolate truffles from the highest quality ingredients.

Chocolate truffles are pralines of the French type.

Raw materials

In the Chocolate Laboratory, they are handmade from selected ingredients. Non-local and local raw materials are used according to availability, for example exclusively local honey. Various flavors are produced here using organic spices.


In total, the Chocolate Laboratory produces about 30 types, 10 flavors are available in the shop as standard at all times. On request, you can arrange your own order of chocolate.


Workshops - a demonstration of the production of chocolate truffles, combined with the tasting of various types of truffles, chocolate wine and cocoa beans. Participants can try wrapping and decorating individual truffles, which they then keep. At the same time, each participant can take a luxury gift box with truffles.


Čokoládová laboratoř, Dana Mlenská
Dlouhá 194/47
412 01 Litoměřice


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