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Organic produce and products from Soutok

We have been growing and processing organic vegetables, fruits and herbs since 2012.

The company has been growing organic vegetables, fruits and herbs since 2012 and processing them at the same time. Their activity is based on bio-dynamic agriculture and its healing effect on the landscape and humans. They also approach the growing and processing of crops with this in mind.

During the year they grow more than 100 types of crops!

Examples include: red, yellow and purple potatoes, orange, yellow and purple carrots, red, yellow, white and orange beets, several types of onions, lettuces, radishes and tomatoes. Among fruits, melons, strawberries, raspberries, apples, pears, plums, plantains, apricots and others are grown.

The herbs growing in the field include: raspberry, oregano, sage, nettle, nettle, hemp, wormwood, calendula, yarrow, lovage, basil, artichoke, sage. A number of herbal mixtures are prepared from them: fruit teas, herbal teas (prosvětlanek pre-sleep, digestive stomach, camphill flower, Provençal, bronchial).

Most of their crops are grown on a farm called KPZ (community supported agriculture), which operates on the principle of prepayment of the harvest. This creates support and a link between grower and buyer.

TheBIO processing plant operates on the principle of social enterprise and creates suitable jobs for people with disabilities. With new environmentally friendly technology, it processes and sells products mainly from its own organic vegetable, fruit and herb crops.

The basic product sections are

  • Pickled vegetables (cabbage, kimchi, cauliflower...)
  • Pesto and pastes (ketchups, pesto, mustards...)
  • Sweet products (jams, desserts, puddings...)
  • Syrups

The Confluence Freehold is part of the Camphill Confluence Community, which lives by an anthroposophical worldview - the healing of the landscape, society and the status of the farmer.


Svobodný statek na soutoku, o.p.s.
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412 01 Terezín

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