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AnnKas Bee Farm – Úštěk

Certified handmade beeswax candles.

We produce beeswax candles in many color combinations and shapes. We now offer over 100 types of candles.

Candles are completely natural, with the beautiful smell of honey. They absorb odors and ionize the air, which is beneficial especially for asthmatics.

We also offer candles in gift sets and fulfill the customer's special wishes.

In addition to candles, the farm also produces over 50 types of beeswax decorations and almost 50 types of gift sets. These don´t only contain candles, but also mead or herbal products. Furthermore, we sell creative sets for making candles, molds for making candles, over 10 types of herbal salts "Herbal Cákalka" with our own herbs. We can also provide you with unique herb-filled bags for scenting your home or 10 types of body candles and for beekeepers partitions made of their own wax.


AnnKas s.r.o.
Dubičná 30
411 45 Úštěk

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+420 723 933 559


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Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product

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