Beer lagers of the Podřipský mini-brewery – Ctiněves

Certified Podřipské beers 12 ° wheat and Light lager 11 ° from the family brewery at the foot of Říp.

The Podřipský family mini-brewery is located in the village of Ctiněves at the foot of the Říp mountain. The brewery was founded at the end of 2013. A farm building was converted into a brewery. The first beer was brewed in May 2014 and it was a light lager that is an all-time must on our menu.

"We brew beers, both top and bottom fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized. We brew only with the help of water, malt of hops and yeast and love of beer. When brewing new types of beer, we work with several top brewers, so that the result is excellent beer of balanced color, aroma and taste. Thanks to that, we have won several awards, even in international competition."

The mini-brewery also includes a brewery pub for about 60 people and an outdoor seating, if the weather is nice, where you can taste our beers and have something small to go with the beer. We also organize events such as grilled pig or a real Czech slaughterhouse, etc.

We pour beer into KEG kegs with a volume of 20 l, 30 l and 50 l and into PET bottles with a volume of 1 l and 1.5 l. We also offer the possibility of renting cooling.

We deliver our beer to several pubs, the current overview of them can be found on our website. We also participate in many events where you can taste our beers.


Podřipský rodinný minipivovar
Ctiněves 1
413 01 Roudnice nad Labem

Telephone contact
+420 777 320 385


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