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Bike path Ohře

The Ohře bike path is one of the four backbone bike paths in the Ústí Region.

In total, the cycle route along the Ohře River has more than 260 km, of which about 140 km is in the Ústí Region. In the Central Bohemian Uplands, the length of the route is 53 km. The surface of the route is asphalt and in some places a field or forest reinforced road. The route is not difficult to follow, but in some places it goes along a busy road. The route goes through the towns of Louny - Počedělice - Koštice - Křesín - Levousy - Poplze - Libochovice - Kostelec nad Ohří - Budyně nad Ohří - Doksany - Brozany nad Ohří - Bohušovice nad Ohří - Terezín - Litoměřice

Where to go and where to take a break?

In Libochovice, the Libochovice chateau is worth a visit. Then it is possible to stop and refresh yourself in the Dvůr Perlová Voda homestead. The route continues to the town of Budyně nad Ohří, where there is a historic water castle (castle surrounded by water) from the 13th century. From Budyně, the route then continues along road No. 118 to Doksan. In Doksany you can visit the monastery and the castle. The monastery complex is divided into 4 courtyards and is dominated by the parish church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary. Behind the Baroque gate you will find a plague column, a sculpture of the Virgin Mary and a crypt. Behind the village Doksany, the route is again separated from the road and goes through the village Brozany nad Ohří, where it is possible to stop and visit the fortress of Brozan. The fortress was destroyed several times, but it is reconstructed now and you will find the coats of arms of all the owners of the fortress. They are painted on the walls. For the time being, when you leave the village you will go on a road to Bohušovice nad Ohří. Bohušovice is known mainly because that ancient archeological finds have been excavated here, such as pottery from the late Stone Age and skeletal graves from the Roman period. After Bohušovice you will already be arriving in Terezín. The city was founded at the end of the 18th century as a military fortress. It offers very interesting sights that are worth visiting. We will learn all about the local fortress in the visitor center in Retranechement 5, where it is possible to arrange tours of the fortress's underground. Another tourist destination in Terezín is the so called Small Fortress, where we commemorate the sad events, which took place here during the Second World War. From Terezín, the route leads us through the Litoměřice golf course, where Ohře flows into Elbe. Litoměřice is a royal town and you can find the baroque cathedral of St. Štěpán, Kalich viewpoint or a castle with an exposition about viticulture. If we want to see the city, we can park our bikes in the new bike tower at the bus station. Behind the Tyrš Bridge in Litoměřice, the Ohře bike path connects to the Elbe Trail and ends here.


Libochovice Chateau

Libochovice Chateau is a popular tourist destination for its romantic location on the banks of the river Ohře with the ruins of Házmburk Castle in the background and the volcanic hills of the Central Bohemian Uplands.

About the Chateau

The Chateau Libochovice stands in the area of a fortified house, rebuilt into a one-storey Renaissance chateau by Jan from Lobkowicz in the years 1560–1564. The later owner Gundakar Dietrichstein, who bought the burnt-out chateau from the Sternbergs, made the chateau undertake an extensive Baroque reconstruction in 1682–1690. The author of the architectural design was the famous Italian architect Antonio Porta.

In the year 1685 an ornamental garden was built next to the chateau, which also includes greenhouses. The interior installation shows collections of rare tapestry, glass, porcelain and a unique Baroque cocklestove. Plasterers and sculptor Jan Brokoff participated in the decorations of the interiors of the Saturn’s hall passing through two floors.

The chateau is also important for being the birthplace of the famous Czech scientist Jan Evangelista Purkyně, which also has a separate exhibition.


The castle offers a standard circuit which takes the visitor through almost all centuries. Furthermore, an exhibition on the life and work of J. E. Purkyně, freely accessible gardens and the chateau's park.


Státní zámek Libochovice
Nám. 5. května 1
411 47 Libochovice

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+420 416 591 443


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