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Cycle bus - Decin

Offer of transport for cyclists from the Děčín region on the Elbe and Vltava Trail in the Prague-Dresden section.

Cyklobus offers transport for cyclists from Děčín and its surroundings, visitors to the Czech Switzerland National Park, cyclists on the Elbe and Vltava Trail in the section Prague - Dresden and long-distance cyclists on their routes in the Czech Republic and throughout Europe.

Cyclists can use these services mainly for transport to the start or finish of the route and luggage transport. In case of punctures, bad weather or other unforeseen events, they can call us as a bike taxi for up to sixteen cyclists, including luggage and bikes.


Pod Lesem 1634/8
405 02 Děčín 4

Telephone contact
+420 412 514 657
+420 603 213 063


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