Dvořák Festival in Roudnice nad Labem

The 67th edition on the Florentina - This unique cruise pays tribute to one of the most famous and successful composers of all time, Antoni Dvořák.

On board a unique hotel ship you will sail through the beautiful Polabí region, visit a beautiful historical town like Mělník and end each evening with an experience in the form of an artistic performance, either directly on the ship or in the place where we dock. The 67th edition will take place from 12 - 18 August 2023.

The cruise can be combined with cycling. Bike storage on the boat is free of charge. The package includes a cruise with accommodation, half board (breakfast, lunch) and VIP tickets for individual concerts.

The ship departs from Litoměřice on 14 August 2023 at 11:00, and arrives in Roudnice nad Labem at 14:00. The concert will take place on the ship at 20:00, Vilém Veverka & Trio plus will perform. The oboist Vilém Veverka is one of the most respected Czech performers. The program is inspired by elements of jazz and swing in a top-notch interpretation, which is completed by audience participation and dancer Karolina Křížová.



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Datum: 14.8.2023