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Excursion to the AnnKas bee farm

A unique excursion to the bees in beekeeping suits, talking and tasting honey and mead.

Excursions to the bee farm are offered in different variations and are offered for

  • Kindergarten and primary school
  • public
  • VIP excursion

Kindergarten and primary school (capacity up to 25 persons)

Talking about bees, demonstrations of equipment, honeycombs, types of hives, beekeeping suits, including children's clothes. Children have a personal encounter with bees (burying the drone, a frame with live bees).

Public (capacity up to 25 persons)

Talking about bees, viewing bee hives through glass, making candles.

VIP excursion (up to 5 persons)

Talking about bees, showing photo frames, tasting mead and sheep water, staying in Apidomek, dressed in beekeeping suits and personal meeting with bees, trying beekeeping, burying the tube and final candle making.


Sample apiary in Dubičná near Úštěk with several types of hives . honey cow, honey goat, Warré hive, lager, stand, log, Langstroth, basket hive.

The excursion in beekeeping suits at the open hives was awarded the "Experience in the countryside" by the Association of Rural Tourism and Agrotourism.


Andrea Novotná
Dubičná 30
41145 Úštěk

Telephone contact
+420 723 933 559


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