Gingerbread cookies from Podřipsko – Dušníky

Markéta Nebeská's hand-baked and decorated gingerbread is one of the important and delicious regional products.

Markéta Nebeská bakes gingerbread cookies according to a family recipe. She bakes gingerbread cookies of various sizes. All gingerbread cookies are hand decorated with a wide range of colors, ornaments and types. Mrs. Markéta is not afraid of any motive. They make everything from local ingredients and their own bee honey. Gingerbread production takes 3 days.

Gingerbread cookies are prepared with classic motifs, with motifs according to the season, lace themed or motifs according to your wishes. All gingerbread can be ordered and purchased directly in Dušníky or at a number of local fairs and markets.


Markéta Nebeská
Dušníky 8
413 01 Dušníky

Telephone contact
+420 739 155 443




Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product