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Goat and cow cheeses from Pod Strážným vrchem Farm Merboltice

Homemade, handmade organic goat and cow cheeses made on the farm.

Home-made cheeses from goat and cow milk are handmade by Mrs. Jindra Šancová in her cheese factory, which is part of her farm. The building is a former farmhouse, it is a cultural monument and one of the main buildings of the Merboltice conservation area.

All cheeses are 100% organic.

Cow's cheese

They are characterised by their high fat content and deliciousness thanks to the processing of milk from our own Jersey cows. Their milk has a high fat content (up to 7%) and contains beta-carotene, which, together with the fat content, influences its colour. The milk is beautifully yellow.

All products of the "buckets" type are hand processed, so called "pulled" into other forms - Twine, Rings, Jadely, Parenica. Other products include fresh cheeses, gervé, yoghurt, butter and much more.

Fresh goat cheese

They are produced in various flavours of their own herbs or garlic, and in the form of jervé or Balkan-type cheeses.

The cows are milked by hand, the goats are also milked part of the season.

Farm Pod Strážným vrchem

It is a small family farm that honours cultural traditions and preserves the historic character of the landscape. The farm also offers accommodation in a separate house on the adjacent property. This is also suitable for stays with children.


Jindra Šancová
Merboltice 141
40502 Děčín

Telephone contact
+420 777 658 873


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Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product

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