Hořidla Lookout Tower

Lookout tower - near the village of Chotiněves - located on the top of a neovolcanic hill Hořidla.

The lookout tower by the Chotiněves village is situated on the top of the hill of the same name, 371 meters above the sea level, about 12 kilometres east of Litoměřice.

There used to be a lookout tower with a small restaurant before World War II, but shortly after the war both of them ceased to exist. The present-day tower is now open since 2008.

Visitors can climb the 67 stairs (13 metres up) and can admire the view of the beautiful Central Bohemian Uplands, for example the peaks of Sedlo, Lovoš, Říp, and Radobýl.

The lookout tower is accessible form several places: from Chotiněves, from Jištěrpy, and from Třebutičky village. The best access is from Jištěrpy, along a solid road. The lookout tower is open all year round.


Obec Chotiněves

411 45 Chotiněves

Telephone contact
+420 416 798 162


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