Hotel and camp Formule** - Decin

Excellently located hotel and campsite near the Elbe Trail near Decin.


  • The hotel offers its visitors 65 places for accommodation in comfortable rooms with or without balcony, with standard sanitary facilities (shower, toilet)
  • Accommodation is available in mobile homes with or without air conditioning, in cabins and in a campsite
  • Wi-Fi available throughout the property
  • Covered outdoor terrace
  • Restaurant
  • Children's corner
  • Spacious parking lot
  • Football field and Russian skittles
  • Outdoor swimming pool, table tennis and mini golf

Camping is also available.

The hotel area also offers a wide range of active activities in the form of volleyball, table tennis and billiards.

During the summer days, a swimming pool is available to all visitors.


Hotel Formule
Pěší 113
407 11 Děčín 33 – Nebočady

Telephone contact
+420 412 548 445


Web page



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