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Lavender biscuits and culinary lavender from Klapé

Homemade handmade cookies with a long family tradition made of local lavender.

Butter cookies "LAVANDULKY" are made by hand, prepared and baked according to the traditional recipe by Mrs. Anna Drobná (mother of the owner), who comes from the Lavender Garden in Klapý.

Biscuits have been baked here according to this recipe for more than 3 generations. Lavender used for preparation, is grown, harvested and dried directly in the Lavender Garden in Klapé and is intended for cooking, baking and the production of spice mixtures.

Thanks to its aroma and effects, Lavender itself is perfect for the production of homemade syrups, for tea mixtures, for confectionery specialties and for spice mixtures intended for grilling and meat.

Every step of the process is done by hand and follows the traditions.


Levandulová zahrada
Klapý 208
411 16 Klapý

Telephone contact
+420 603 875 307



Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product

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