Lobkowicz Chateau and Romanesque Castle

At the end of the 12th century, the Bishop of Prague had a Romanesque castle built on a rocky ridge above the river Elbe. It was enlarged during the Gothic period. In the 16th century, a Renaissance wing was added and later was the entire complex expanded even further.

At the end of the 12th century, the bishop of Prague decided to build a Romanesque castle on the rock above the Labe river. During the Gothic period, it was enlarged, and in the 16th century a Renaissance part of the chateau was built and later the whole complex was enlarged again. Between 1652-1684, Václav Eusebius of Lobkowicz rebuilt the castle complex into the early Baroque form we can see today. The complex consists of four wings around a spacious courtyard, the southern wing being divided by a huge tower. For many years, the chateau was the centre of prospering domain of the Lobkowicz family. Starting from World War II, it functioned as army barracks for the German Nazi army, then for the Czech army. Until 2009, it was the seat of the Czech Army Music Academy.

Today, the chateau complex belongs to the Lobkowicz family again and you may visit both parts of the chateau, and the original Romanesque castle. 

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Lobkowiczký zámek a románský hrad - Roudnice nad Labem
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