Lookout tower Stradonka

If you go to Libochovice, let yourself be captivated by the views of the nearby and distant surroundings from the place where a Celtic fortress was located 2500 years ago. We are talking about the Stradonka lookout tower.

At the highest point, a small, but well-placed, lookout tower of a wooden construction rises on a place resembling a plateau. After climbing the eight rungs of the ladder, you ascend to 2.5 metres above the terrain, at an altitude of 292 metres above sea level. However, the circular view is breathtaking. To the north and north-west you can see not only the famous MIlešovka, Lovoš or Hazmburk, i.e. the mountains and hills of the Bohemian Central Highlands, but also the peaks of the Ore Mountains. The drawing inside the tower will help you name them. For small and big excursionists, the analytical sundial located next to the tower will make the trip more interesting.

From Perec, where you can admire the works of Emil FIlla in the local chateau or learn about rural life in the Baroque granary at the Museum of the Czech Village, you can reach the lookout tower by following the blue trail, and then from Chrastín by following the yellow trail.





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