Lovoš is a distinctive peak of the Central Bohemian Uplands and a popular tourist destination. It creates a natural dominant feature of Lovosice and its surroundings.

Lovoš is a ne-phelinite mountain close to Lovosice. Its peak lies at an altitude of 570m and a blue hiking trail leads to the top. A tourist hut was built on the top of Lovoš, from which there is a view of all cardinal directions. Among other things, you can also see the whole town of Lovosice and also the near landscape of the Central Bohemian Uplands very well.

The peak of Lovoiš is protected as the Lovoš National Nature Reserve. It occupies the top and partly slope parts of two hills with different geological structures. Velký Lovoš (570 m a. s. l.) with alkaline basalt rocks and Malý Lovoš, also Kybička (489 m a. s. l.), with more acidic trachyte rock. Many protected plants can be found here, such as the burning bush, the leafless iris, the small pasque flower, and the St Bernard's lily. The insect fauna is also very rich.

When traveling to the top of Lovoš, we recommend using the Lovoš Educational Trail, where you can learn interesting information.


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