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Mill Byňov - Homole u Panny

The reconstructed former Passtreicher's mill from 1764 by the Homolský brook will offer you an unusual place of rest and relaxation.

The massive stone building in the meander of the Homolský brook in the middle of centuries-old deciduous forests, at the foot of the Bohemian Central Highlands, offers an unusual place for rest, relaxation and active leisure.

Experience a pleasant stay in the walls that remember the centuries and yet offer accommodation in contemporary comfort while preserving the genius loci of the picturesque place. There are two buildings on the site, the old and the new mill. The new one has been renovated, while the old building, including the mill wheel, is still awaiting renovation.

The impressive garden with its own pond, with naturally clear water, offers refreshment and relaxation.

The property offers 6 stylish apartments with modern bathrooms.

There are many hiking destinations and trails in the area. The main advantage of this place is peace and quiet. The property is suitable for weddings, parties or a family stay with friends.


Mlýn Byňov s.r.o.
Byňov 20
403 23 Homole u Panny

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+420 723 642 564


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