Močty and Kauboy cider from the Wild North - Ústí nad Labem

Quality apples and pears, no artificial yeast, all prepared in a natural way - that's what Kauboy mochas and cider are all about.


They are 100% apple juice cold pressed on a pneumatic press, gently pasteurized and unfiltered. They are packed in bottled and returnable glass bottles - 0,33 and 0,7l.


It is composed of 90% apple juice and 10% pear cider. The cider is unpasteurized, unfiltered, without the addition of artificial sweeteners and artificial yeast cultures. Fermentation is carried out in a natural way - by fermentation organisms in the fruit skins. Fermentation is continuously monitored, as is the subsequent maturation (the process takes 12-15 months to bottle). The cider is also regularly transferred from tank to tank and slightly carbonated with CO2 at the end. Bottled in 0,5l returnable bottles or kegs.

The fruit for the moors and ciders comes only from local orchardists from the Bohemian Central Highlands - from the vicinity of Ploskovice and Těchobuzice.


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Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product

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