Museum of Czechoslovak Fortification - Roudnice nad Labem

In pre-war Czechoslovakia, the construction of field fortifications began.

The light fortifications of pattern 37, popularly called "řopík", were also part of the fortress system. The construction in Roudnice began in 1937 and was carried out by the company R. V. Svoboda. The 81 buildings of section C 10 Roudnice n L were commissioned and concreted.

In 1998, the Club of Friends of Czechoslovak Fortifications was founded in Roudnice n. L. The members of the club started cleaning, repairing and decorating the bunker at the crossroads near the Chapel of St. Wenceslas. It is a type A-160, number ŘOP 16, which was completed on 18 June 1937. The bunker is currently under reconstruction and has been restored to its 1938 appearance. Occasionally, for example on public holidays, it is open to the public.

It is now in a state approaching 1938. It is open to the public during certain holidays and cultural events.


Klub přátel čs. opevnění Roudnice nad Labem
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