Original ceramics fired in a wood-burning kiln - Levín

Pottery fired in the kiln of pottery master Alena Šumová.

"Fascinating - just to take a piece of clay that accompanies our every step, create a teapot, mug or bowl. Dress them with glaze, let them sinter with fire and then just enjoy…. I'm inspired by nature and antiquity."


Most products start their journey on a potter's wheel, then they are hand-finished. After partial drying, we remove the excessive clay from the product and the ears and legs are glued. Dry and cleaned, the products are then overheated (first firing at approx. 1000 ° C). The shard is ready for glazing. Mrs. Šumová prepares the glazes herself using material from local sources (clays, ashes). After glazing, it's time for the burn. The products pass through a high temperature (up to 1,300 ° C) in a wood-burning kiln, thanks to which they obtain a dense, sintered, non-absorbent shard.


Burning with fire is one great adventure, the outcome of which can never be predicted. It depends on many circumstances - the type of wood used, its moisture, the loading of the kiln, the location of the products, the length of firing and last but not least the weather has a major impact on the result. Every burning is a mystery and unpredictability is the reason for me to burn with a live fire.


It is located in the magical town of Levín near Litoměřice, where it is possible to buy  her ceramic products directly. You can meet her at various fairs, festivals of tea and food.


Alena Šumová - Ateliér U.mě
Levín 60/Levín
411 45 Ústí nad Labem

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+420 720 489 876


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