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Pasture festivities

All-day event amid on education and fun experiences for families with children in the picturesque landscape of the Central Bohemian Uplands in the village of Hlinná.

The pasture festivities is a comprehensive event for the public, which is primarily focused on education in the field of nature protection of the Protected Landscape Area of ​​České středohoří and using gentle agricultural methods.

During the event, visitors can try traditional folk crafts and experience contact with domestic and wild animals. The event also focuses on the promotion of local producers and their products, introduces the work of local associations with an ecological and artistic focus.

The festivities take place at the turn of August and September in the village of Hlinná near Litoměřice and in the adjacent locality Holý vrch.

Attendance ranges from 600 to 1200 visitors. The maximum capacity of the event is estimated at 1500 participants. The event has been held since 2018.

As part of the event, a pedestrian trail with adventure sites, a traditional market with regional products and a cultural program, have been set up.

More about the event on the Life project website.


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