Radejčín lookout tower

The Radejčín lookout tower, about 30 meters high, is located southwest of the village of Dubice.

The lookout tower is located at an unnamed elevation of 375 m above sea level near Dubice and about 1 km from the Radejčín railway station.

The lookout is 30 m high. After climbing 97 steps you will see the surrounding peaks of the Central Bohemian Uplands - Kletečná, Deblík, Radobýl, Milešovka, Varhošť, the ruins of Kamýk or the Krušné Mountains. Directly below you, are 2 tunnels of the D8 motorway. The metal lookout tower is part of the mast of a satelite and has been open to the public since 2010. A yellow tourist rout from Dubice leads to the lookout tower - approx. 1.5 km or 800 m from the Radejčín stop.


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