Radobýl Hill

Radobýl hill (399 m a. s. l.) is a natural monument with an exposed north-south side, due to mining. It has well-developed columnar jointing of basalt rock and an arrangement of columns in various directions.

Radobýl hill is 399 metres high. It is a natural heritage sight and its north-south profile has been mined-off. The column separation of basalt stone is clearly visible, as well as the different directions of the basalt columns.

On the south and south-west slopes, there are grassy areas in the rock steppes with an abundance of rare and protected plant species, such as purple mullein, milkvetch (Astragalus excapus), and St. Bernard's lily. On the top of Radobýl hill, there is a cross. The one that we see today is the 8th one since 1622.

On the slopes of Radobýl, there have been vineyards for many years. The Litoměřice wine trail runs through the area and informs visitors about wine and wine-producing in the Litomeřice region.


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