Ruins of Ostrý Castle (Wostrey)

The castle Ostrý was built by Václav Kaplíř of Sulevice sometime around the time of the Battle of Lipan.

The choice of the site and, ultimately, the character of the building was certainly influenced by the very turbulent times of the time; Ostrý was thus a solid castle, which was not destined to become fateful until the peaceful times of the 16th century. On a rocky hill southwest of Velemín, ruins of walls and remarkable earth fortifications have been preserved, which make Ostrý remotely reminiscent of Litýš Castle.

Ostrý Hill - (553 m above sea level) is an important point of the Kostomlatský Central Highlands southeast of Milešov. It is formed by a conical bundle of olivine basalt. On the slopes we can find frost logs and stone seas. The forest cover of the hill is diverse - the following trees thrive on the foothill scree: linden, maple, elm, cranesbill. On the top we can find artificially planted lilac and fir trees. From the top rocks, rock tansy passes onto the walls of the castle, and there are rich localities of leafless iris in the perimeter of the ruins.

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Zřícenina hradu Ostrý (Wostrey)


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