Sokolí vrch Lookout Tower - Děčín

The lookout tower is located near the top of Sokolí vrch (501 m altitude) near Děčín.

Sokolí Vrch Lookout Tower is situated by the village Dobrná at Děčín region not far from the top of the Sokolí Vrch hill at 501 metres above the sea level. The lookout tower offers a round view of Děčín, Děčínský Sněžník mountain, the Krušné Hory mountain range, the Lužické Hory mountain range, and the Říp, Bezděz or Ještěd mountains. After climbing 162 stairs you will be rewarded by the view of Sněžka mountain and the Krkonoše mountain range. The Sokolí Vrch lookout tower was built by one of the mobile operators that needed to provide signal to the area. It was open to public on 1st May 2004. It is maintained by the Dobrná village. 


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