Spa Mšené

The spa is located near the town of Roudnice nad Labem in the picturesque valley of the Mšenský brook. The local springs of healing groundwater have been known for many generations.

The village is mentioned as early as 1262. Today it is known mainly thanks to the local spa built in 1796. The Dvorana Spa Pavilion, from 1905, is an Art Nouveau architectural gem by the Czech architect Jan Letzel.


  • In addition to treatment of the musculoskeletal system, clients primarily seek rest and peace.
  • In recent history, nerve inflammation, postoperative conditions and obesity were also treated here. There are whole programs focused on wellness, beauty, regeneration and relaxation.
  • The main emphasis is placed on the use of a natural healing source - peat and movement therapy.
  • The spa offers treatments paid for by the insurance company, or its personal wellness, treatment stays, and spa treatments
  • The spa resort offers tourists, visitors and clients of therapeutic and wellness programs short-term and long-term accommodation in several buildings and villas
  • Sales of own products and cosmetics.

The spa pavilions are surrounded by an extensive romantic park with ponds. Trips to the surroundings with a number of attractive destinations in the Central Bohemian Uplands are a must.


Lázně Mšené, a.s.
Lázeňská 62
411 19 Mšené-lázně

Telephone contact
+420 416 866 007 (recepce)
+420 416 865 202 (obchodní oddělení)
+420 416 865 203 (obchodní oddělení)
+420 416 866 008 (recepce)


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