Steam waterworks Střekov - Ústí nad Labem

A unique waterworks with a steam engine and its own water reservoirs belonging to the technical monuments.

The Střekov Waterworks was built in 1874 on the occasion of the opening of the section of the Austrian Northwestern Railway from Lysá n.L. to Ústí n.L. Střekov and Děčín. It is a standard building according to the standards of the architect Karel Schlimp. In the central part, there is a machine room and water tanks with a volume of 100 m3, in the side tracts there are flats for the waterworks employees. Water was drawn from the Elbe River through a special adit. In 1911 the original steam boiler was replaced by a new one, but the steam engine probably remained original. The waterworks did not come to an end until the late 1970s at the end of the operation of steam locomotives on the ČSD network.

Opening hours

Generally from April to October, every first Saturday of the month and other special dates (especially holidays) from 10 am to 6 pm.

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