The ruins of the Vrabinec Castle

Vrabinec Castle was built on a steep rock near the village of Babětín (in Těchlovice).

Vrabinec castle was built on a steep, split rocky hill not far from the Babětín settlement (Těchlovice village). The castle was named after a sparrow’s nest probably because of its scattered and slightly odd structure. The origins of the castle date back to 1404, but already in 1515 it was an abandoned castle.

The castle ruins are the main point of the Protected Natural Area of the same name, covering the area of 8,77 hectares and located 198 to 350 metres above sea level. The reason for protecting this particular area is the fact that it is an island of thermophilic flora in the middle of colder and more humid parts of the Landscape Protected Area Central Bohemian Uplands. It is located above the slopes of the Babětín valley, and has been protected by the government since 1993.

The protected area is attractive for its romantic wilderness of the geomorphological form and the interesting view from the top of the rocks. 





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