U7 Cycle train along the Elbe

On the route Ústí nad Labem Střekov - Velké Březno - Děčín you can use a special bicycle train along the Elbe.

The U7 line follows the route of the Elbe Trail and thanks to this train connection, visitors can shorten their journey if the weather suddenly deteriorates or they run out of energy.

The U7 line has a capacity of 12 bikes and 2 buggies. The line runs every day. Exact departure times and stops can be found in the flyer in the gallery below.

Despite the fact that it is a train designed primarily for cyclists, this line can also be used as a stop for a walking trip. From Ústí nad Labem you can go to Velký Brezno to visit the castle, to Těchlovice from where the hiking trails to Vrabinec or Bukovy hora start, or to Děčín to visit the beautiful castle.


Doprava Ústeckého kraje
Velká Hradební 3118
400 02 Ústí nad Labem

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+420 475 657 657

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Doprava Ústeckého kraje




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