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Varhošť Hill

Varhošť hill is a popular tourist destination and can be found near the village of Kundratice.

The Varhošť hill is 639 m high and it is a wooded basalt hill. At the top there is a lookout tower with a view of the Czech Central Highlands and the Elbe River, which can be seen in eight places.

On the way along the western slope you can also visit other viewpoints - for example at Krkavčí skala, at the Macha viewpoint or from Poradní skala. The pleasant forest environment is complemented by rock debris, which is a habitat for mosses, lichens and many invertebrates that do not live elsewhere.

Easy ascent to Varhošť

Up the yellow trail from the saddle below Varhoštěm (approx. 1.5 km there and back)

More demanding outputs

From Sebuzín follow the green tourist marker, then follow the yellow one to the top and back along the yellow one over Krkavčí skála (approx. 9 km) - sharper ascent and descent.



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