Villa Sebuzín - Sebuzín

The fairy from the former municipal school near the Elbe Trail between Litoměřice and Ústí nad Labem as an ideal place for groups.

Villa Sebuzín offers accommodation and facilities for various projects. You can organize your own event, course, corporate presentation, training, presentation or private celebration or wedding. All the time surrounded by the magical nature of the Bohemian Central Highlands.

Accommodation capacity - 20 beds - 2/3/4 bedded rooms with private or shared bathroom.

Hall - exercise (20 - 25 people), social evening or training (50 people).

Restaurant - home cooking - for guests only.

Possibility of massages, cosmetic treatments and closed cosmetic courses.


Vila Sebuzín
Sebuzín 115
403 02 Ústí nad Labem - Střekov

Telephone contact
+420 724 144 765


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