Lookout towers and viewpoints

Velký Chlum Lookout Tower

The lookout tower is located near the top of Velký Chlum at an altitude of 488 m. near Děčín.

Viewpoint “U Zámečku” – Lovosice

A 7.3-meter-high lookout tower including a gallery at 4 meters was built on an artificial hill, where ice was stored in the past for cooling beer in a nearby restaurant. The structure consisting of 40 twelwe-meter poles in the shape of a hyperboloid is anchored to a reinforced concrete platform.

Viewpoint Kalich – Litoměřice

The Kalich lookout tower is located in the very center of the town of Litoměřice in the so-called House under the Dome (also the Kalich House).

Viewpoints in the surroundings of Dubice

There are several interesting sightseeing places near the village of Dubice.

Vít's lookout tower - Náčkovice

The lookout tower can be found at 616 m above sea level near the village of Náčkovice, not far from Verneřice. It was opened in 2004 and it is an unusual and completely original lookout tower.

Vysoký Ostrý near Ústí nad Labem

Near the town of Ústí nad Labem there is the Vysoký Ostrý viewpoint.