The region around the village of Boreč is located in a basin protected by basalt hills, Borečský vrch (449 m), Sutomský vrch (505 m), Jezerka (471 m) and Ovčín (431 m). The slopes of the hills are covered with herbaceous communities, rocks and deciduous forests, and there are also oscerous trees. An interesting feature of Borečský vrch - "Smoke Mountain" - are the vents of warm moist air - ventaroly, where the same temperature is maintained throughout the year.

Boreč Hill is a 449 m high significant hill is a perfect pile of a depressed body, formed by trachyte with steeper and higher northern and northeastern slopes, on which we can find extensive scree with varied flora.

In the summit area, there are vents of warm moist air in the winter, which maintain the same temperature throughout the year, hence the name "Smoky Mountain". The rest of the hill is covered with natural deciduous forest with oak, beech, hornbeam, ash and lime. Boreč Hill was declared a national nature reserve in 1951. Since 1981 we can get to know the surroundings of Boreč thanks to the nature trail that leads from Režný Újezd, over the top of the hill and returns to the village again.

The views from the peaks of the mountain, not only to the southeastern edge of the Bohemian Central Highlands, are very interesting. This part of the České středohoří and Podřipsko region is reached by the yellow and green TZ, cycle route No. 25 and the Tyrš Nature Trail and includes several natural monuments.

The eponymous village of Boreč, situated at an altitude of 325 m, dates back to 1227. The village of Boreč was first mentioned in the charter of Otakar and was the property of the Prague monastery of St. George. Boreč is a small village settlement in a basin between Borečský vrch, Sutomský vrch, Jezerka and Ovčín in a position protected from practically all sides. In the village square there is a chapel from 1910 with two columns and a triangular plate with the Eye of God and a hexagonal bell with a cross. A restored Baroque monument with a cross can be seen on the road from Režný Újezd.



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