Natural attractions

Porta Bohemica - The Gate to Bohemia

The Gate of Bohemia is called the canyon-like valley of the river Elbe, through which the river enters the Central Bohemian Uplands.

Holý vrch – “Bare hill”

This nature reservation occupies part of the eroded remnant of the mantle of olivine nephelinite (alkaline rock similar to basalt). It is a relatively flat hill in the České středohoří Protected Landscape Area near the village of Hlinná.

Opárenské valley

The picturesque Oparenské valley is about 6 km long and stretches from Velemín to Malé Žernoseky.


Plešivec or Ledový hill (often also called Jordán) is a volcanic basalt knoll about 4 km northwest of the town of Litoměřice in the Central Bohemian Uplands Protected Landscape Area.

The “loaves” of Konojedy – Úštěk

The loaves of Konojedy, more precisely known as Dubí hora, is the wall of an old quarry and is located on the outskirts of the village Konojedy.

The Beaver gully with waterfalls

The Beaver gully is a romantic rocky gorge on Bobří brook.

The Dobříň Forest and Dobříň Village

The natural monument presents the riparian forest of the Elbe river floodplain with an area of more than 21 ha is home to protected snowdrops and endangered insect species.

Vaňovský Waterfall

e waterfall is located in the Vaňov district in Ústí nad Labem. It is a popular tourist destination and natural attractions.