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Vaňovský Waterfall

e waterfall is located in the Vaňov district in Ústí nad Labem. It is a popular tourist destination and natural attractions.

Vaňovský Waterfall is definitely the most famous waterfall in Ústí nad Labem district. With its height of 12 metres, it is one of the highest in the Central Bohemian Uplands. The popularity of the place used to be even higher when there was an outing restaurant with a view terrace, which was built in 1884 by Ústí Mountain Company. The restaurant is not there anymore – the high water that came on the 22nd of August 1925 pulled it down – but its ruins are still visible. The best way to get to the waterfall is to follow the educational trail from Větruše chateau where you can get by a cable car from the centre of Ústí nad Labem.

Not far from Vaňovský waterfall, the Natural Heritage Sight Vrkoč represents the typical example of column separation of basalt stone. On the top, there is a view-point, offering a beautiful view to the Labe valley.


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