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Holý vrch – “Bare hill”

This nature reservation occupies part of the eroded remnant of the mantle of olivine nephelinite (alkaline rock similar to basalt). It is a relatively flat hill in the České středohoří Protected Landscape Area near the village of Hlinná.

The highest point - 577 m - is also known as Lysá hora. From a very steep slope, several rocks (“frost log cabins”) protrude, divided into vertical columns, sometimes over 10 m high. Some resemble walls with battlements, others menhirs – for example the so-called Teacher and students.

This locality is a place of occurrence of rare and endangered plant species, such as the critically endangered “Koniklec otevřený” (Pulsatilla patens), the highly endangered “Koniklec luční český” (Pulsatilla pratensis subsp. Bohemica) and their hybrid Hackel's “Koniklec”(Pulsatilla × hackelii). It is one of the few places in the Central Bohemian Uplands where these species occur together.

In addition, it is possible to find, for example, the “Sasanka lesní” (Anemone sylvestris), “Lilie Zlatohlavá” (Lilium martagon), “plicník úzkolistý“ (Pulmonaria angustifolia), ”chrpu chlumní“ (Centaurea triumfettii) and “mochnu bílou“ (Potentilla alba). To protect them, a nature reservation was created here on 6 July 1949 on an area of ​​6.7 ha, later included among sites of European importance and thus in the Natura 2000 system. From the times of optimal occurance of Pulsatilla in the 70´s their population declined, because in the late 1980s the regular maintenance of land ended. Only a few dozen bunches of the previous hundreds remained.

At present, the situation is solved by regular cutting of shrubs, burning of old plants, and since 1999 maintenance sheep grazing has been reintroduced.



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