Nebočadský luh - Nebočady

The natural monument is located south of Děčín on the right bank of the Elbe.

The Nebočadský luh Nature Monument is located south of Děčín on the right bank of the Elbe River.

The natural monument consists of a blind arm of the Elbe, a peninsula (still an island at the beginning of the 20th century) with a soft meadow and muddy gravel-sand alluvium. It is one of the last remnants of floodplain forest along a large watercourse in northern Bohemia. Only deciduous trees are represented in the species-rich tree floor, e.g. the striking black poplar, aspen, wych elm and several species of willow. On the mudflats we can find rarer plant species such as Eurasian watermilfoil or the critically endangered coastal small flower, which is directly linked to the constant fluctuation of the river level.

The Nebočadský meadow is home to the European beaver. Rare common, collared, and screech owls have been observed here, while bird species such as the secretive little buzzard or the attractively coloured kingfisher have been recorded here. 104 species of beetles have been described, many of which are associated with gravel and sandy alluvium. The coastal habitats containing rare and protected species are at risk of serious damage or, more likely, complete extinction if the Elbe River level rises permanently.


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