The Dobříň Forest and Dobříň Village

The natural monument presents the riparian forest of the Elbe river floodplain with an area of more than 21 ha is home to protected snowdrops and endangered insect species.

Dobříň Village is located about 5 kilometres from Roudnice nad Labem town. The first written document about this village comes from the end of the 13th century. Today, the population of Dobříň is about 550 inhabitants. In Dobříň, you can visit the birthplace of a poet Josef Hora. In his house, there is a small exhibition about the poet’s life.

Not far from the village, there is a natural reservation called Dobříňský háj (The Dobříň Forest) - the floodplain forest of the Labe river. There you can see some rare and protected plants (for example the snowdrop shooter), and insects. Another notable feature of Dobříň village is the Dobříň lake. Today, the former sand mine is a natural swimming pool.


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