More than 150 thousand visitors visited the Elbe Trail in 2021

Thousands of people set out on the Elbe Trail every year. It is a popular excursion route for locals and tourists from other parts of the country and abroad. How many visitors took the Elbe Trail in 2021?

The attendance of cycling routes is recorded automatically thanks to the counters that the Ústí nad Labem Region has deployed on the Elbe Trail, the Ploučnice Cycle Path and the Ore Mountains Route. On the Elbe, counters are located in Děčín, Velké Březno, Třeboutice, Roudnice nad Labem and Hněvice.

The Elbe Trail is a long-term leader in terms of cycling trail visits. Of the five enumerators on the Elbe, the highest number of visitors was recorded in Děčín. Here, in the local part of Děčín-Křešice, the total number of visitors in 2021 was over 151,000! The second highest number was recorded by the census enumerator in Třeboutice with 129 thousand. The third place belongs to Roudnice nad Labem with almost 126 thousand visits per year.

Themost frequent days are weekend days, with Sundays at almost all census points. Another indicator monitored with respect to individual days is the maximum daily visitation. In the Ústí nad Labem Region, this is again highest on the Elbe Trail. The absolute record of daily visits in the Ústí nad Labem Region is recorded in Třeboutice, where 2260 passages are recorded in one day. In terms of months, July is traditionally the peak month in all places, attracting 23,800 people to the Elbe in Decin. July was also the highest of all months at other locations where the Elbe Trail is measured. This is followed by other summer months such as August and June. On the other hand, the weakest month in terms of visitor numbers is December.

Enumerators also categorize visitor types. For this division, cyclists predominate at all five monitoring points. At some, the prevalence is very pronounced - at Hněvice, cyclists accounted for 82% of the total number of visitors. Elsewhere, the predominance of cyclists over pedestrians is only slight - 58% of visitors in Roudnice nad Labem. This fact may be influenced to some extent by the specific location of the enumerator. In Roudnice nad Labem, the enumerator is located on a route that is also used as a walking route to Dobřín or as a route for inline skating.

Comparison of cycling routes

When comparing the results with the Elbe Trail, we can see that the number of visitors on other routes is not even a third of the total. The enumerator at Benešov nad Ploučnicí on the Ploučnice cycle path records over 36,000 visits in 2021. When the result is compared with the least visited place on the Elbe Trail (Hněvice with 77,000 visits), the number of visits is still more than double the most visited places on other cycle paths. Compared to the top spot on the Elbe Trail, it is less than a third of the visitors.

Name Cycle route Total attendance Maximum daily traffic
Decin - Kresice Elbe Trail 151 513 2002
Great March Elbe Trail 111 139 1710
Treboutice Elbe Trail 129 224 2260
Roudnice nad Labem Elbe Trail 125 963 1788
Anger Elbe Trail 77 173 1372
Benešov nad Ploučnicí Cycle path Ploučnice 36 659 441

Note: Method of enumeration and data presentation

The data shown are recorded by an automatic enumerator. It is the cumulative visitation of cyclists and pedestrians (including inline skaters). The enumerator does not distinguish repeated passage or passage of a given individual, i.e. if an inline skater passes a given point five times, the enumerator counts it five times. Thus, the data does not present the exact number of unique visitors, but it does give us the number of recorded passes and passes, which does not prevent the presentation of results and comparison of visitation/popularity of cycle routes and selected sections of cycle routes.

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Datum: 2.2.2022


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