Cycling routes

The Elbe trail

The Elbe Trail offers cyclists and tourists in the Podřipsko, Český středohoří and Českosaské švýcarsko area experiences and activities for life.

Bicycle tour along the Elbe River - Roudnice nad Labem - Štětí

Try the newly created part of the alternative route of the Elbe Trail 2A, which will take you from Roudnice nad Labem along the right bank to Štětí. Visit the beautiful viewpoint of the Elbe Terrace or visit the Olympic Water Sports Centre Labe Arena in Račice. The trip is shorter, but due to the sometimes worse terrain it is more suitable for mountain bikes or trekking bikes.

Bicycle tour around Lake Piscatawpine

The short trip around Lake Píšt'any is also suitable for less fit cyclists or for families with children. The length of the trip is about 17 km and practically the whole route is on flat ground. Go for the beautiful views of the Žernosecká vineyards or the Píšt'anské jezero, where you can also swim in the summer.

Bicycle trip to Vít's lookout tower and Bukovka

The cyclobus and pedestrian bus to the Bohemian Central Highlands will take you from Litoměřice or Roudnice to higher places in the Bohemian Central Highlands, which you can then explore comfortably by bike.

Bicycletower – Litoměřice

Safe and self-service "garage" for bicycle storage in the immediate vicinity of the Litoměřice train station.

Bike path at Lake Milada

Lake Milada offers a number of routes and round trips for cyclists.

Bike path Ohře

The Ohře bike path is one of the four backbone bike paths in the Ústí Region.

Cycle path Ploučnice

The Ploučnice cycle path is one of the four backbone cycling routes in the Ústí nad Labem Region.

Cycle Route No. 25 - To the Oparenský valley and to Hradiště

Cycle route No. 25 is a relatively long route that leads through many interesting places in the Bohemian Central Highlands.

Cycle trip on the route Ústí nad Labem - Decin - by boat there and by bike back

Set off from Ústí nad Labem by boat to Děčín and return along the Elbe Trail by bike. The trip is ideal for families with children. The Ústí - Děčín trail is almost the entire length of a car-free cycle path.

Cycle trip on the route Ústí nad Labem - Litoměřice - by bike there and by boat back

Set off from Ústí nad Labem to the royal city of Litoměřice by bike along the Elbe Trail and use the boat line for the return journey.

Cycle trip to Říp on cycle route No. 3102

Cycle in the footsteps of the Great Father of Bohemia to the mythical Mount Říp. The trip is slightly over 30 km long and can be done by a moderately fit cyclist. Cycle route No. 3102 starts in Roudnice nad Labem and takes you from the Elbe Trail to the foot of Mount Říp.

Cycling along two rivers

The bicycle tour along the two rivers leads first along the Ploučnice and then along the Elbe. The trip is about 80 km long and is planned as a full day trip. The trip can be realized in the period when the cyclobus runs and is suitable for more experienced cyclists.

Cycling routes in the Bohemian Garnet area

In the area between Lovosice, Třebívlice and Libochovice, the Destination Agency České středohoří has marked several cycling routes.

More than 150 thousand visitors visited the Elbe Trail in 2021


Thousands of people set out on the Elbe Trail every year. It is a popular excursion route for locals and tourists from other parts of the country and abroad. How many visitors took the Elbe Trail in 2021?