Cycling routes in the Bohemian Garnet area

In the area between Lovosice, Třebívlice and Libochovice, the Destination Agency České středohoří has marked several cycling routes.

The cycle routes are marked with the numbers 3118, 3119 and 25A and lead cyclists to interesting tourist places such as Hazmburk Castle, Libochovice Castle, the Museum of the Czech Garnet Třebenice, the Johann W Castle Winery in Třebívlice or the new Vyhlídka U Zámečku in Lovosice.

Thanks to the creation of these cycling routes, the existing important (backbone) cycling routes such as the Elbe Trail ( in Lovosice), the Ohře Cycle Route (in Libochovice) and also cycle route No. 25 have been connected. According to the deposits of the mineral Bohemian garnet in this part of the destination, the project to mark out cycle routes was called Cycle routes in the Bohemian garnet area.

Tip for a cycling trip using the cycling routes of the Bohemian Garnet

From Lovosice, take cycle route No. 3118 through Sulejovice and Úpohlavy to Trebenice, where you will definitely stop at the Chocolateria for some goodies. You can also visit the Museum of the Bohemian Garnet. Then continue along the same cycle route to Lkáně, where at the crossroads take cycle route No. 3119. You will go under the local landmark - the ruins of Hazmburk Castle and through the village of Slatina the route will lead you to Libochovice, where you will not miss the castle with its beautiful garden. To get back to Lovosice, use the cycle route along the Ohře River, which is marked as cycle route No. 6. Here you will find an ideal stop for cyclists, which is the Dvůr Perlová voda. There you can refresh yourself and taste the beer that is brewed right here. The Ohře cycle path continues through Budyně nad Ohří with its unique castle, which is also worth a visit. Then you will go through Doksany and Brozany nad Ohří. Here you turn off the marked cycle path and follow the secondary roads through Keblice and Lukavec to get back to Lovosice.

Trip length: 55 km; Climb: 270 m, Descent: 270 m

Route: Lovosice - Sulejovice - Třebenice - Lkáň - Slatina - Libochovice - Kostelec nad Ohří - Budyně nad Ohří - Doksany - Brozany nad Ohří - Keblice - Lukavec - Lovosice

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Cycle tour with the use of the cyclobus from Roudnice nad Labem

If you are going back to Roudnice, disconnect from the above route in Budyně nad Ohří and follow the road to Nížeboh. From there, cross the dirt road to Dušníky and through Podlusky to Roudnice nad Labem.

More info about Cyklobus and booking.

Trip length: 47 km; Ascent: 346 m, Descent: 328 m

Route: Lovosice - Sulejovice - Třebenice - Lkáň - Slatina - Libochovice - Kostelec nad Ohří - Budyně nad Ohří - Nížebohy - Dušníky - Podlusky - Roudnice nad Labem

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Tip for a shorter bike trip

The next tip is also water-friendly for less fit cyclists and for families with bigger children. The trip will start again in Lovosice. Follow the same route and via Sulejovice or Úpohlavy you will reach Třebenice, where you can have an ice cream with your children. Go down to Lkáně and turn here towards Třebívlice, the other direction than in the first trip. Follow the 3119 cycle route and after six kilometres you will reach Třebívlice. Here you can visit the wine cellar of the local chateau winery Johann W. The winery is relatively young, but it continues the centuries-old tradition of winemaking in the region. In Trebivlice you can also use the small but nice swimming pool with refreshments or visit the Ulrika von Levetzow Exposition. She is said to have been the last love of the famous poet Johann Wolfgang Goethe.

And how back? You can take the same route or board the modern Plum Railway train and be comfortably transported back to Lovosice. In Lovosice, you can visit the freely accessible Vyhlídka U Zámečku or the adjacent Café Zámeček.

Trip length: 24 km; Climb: 250 m, Descent: 108 m

Route: Lovosice - Sulejovice - Třebenice - Lkáň - Třebívlice - Plum track back to Lovosice

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Rozhledna U Zámečku Lovosice.jpg

Viewpoint “U Zámečku” – Lovosice

A 7.3-meter-high lookout tower including a gallery at 4 meters was built on an artificial hill, where ice was stored in the past for cooling beer in a nearby restaurant. The structure consisting of 40 twelwe-meter poles in the shape of a hyperboloid is anchored to a reinforced concrete platform.

Near the Café Zámeček and the ferry (across the river Elbe to Píšťany) there is a beautiful lookout tower. It is located on the site of the original wooden gazebo, which was built here in 1865 by a member of the Schwarzenberg family together with a inn. The viewpoint stands on an artificial hill, which consists of a buried two-storey building originally serving as a beer cellar and ice house for the needs of a cruise restaurant.

In the spring of 2019, it was built here by the company Raeder & Falge in cooperation with architect Luboš Hruška. Instead of the original gazebo above, the architect designed a wooden lookout with a steel staircase and a tarpaulin roof visible from afar. The place has a view not only of the river, but also of Porta Bohemica and Radobýl.

A tourist and historical business cards from “Wander Book” can be purchased in the café.


Vyhlídka U Zámečku



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