Cycle trip to Říp on cycle route No. 3102

Cycle in the footsteps of the Great Father of Bohemia to the mythical Mount Říp. The trip is slightly over 30 km long and can be done by a moderately fit cyclist. Cycle route No. 3102 starts in Roudnice nad Labem and takes you from the Elbe Trail to the foot of Mount Říp.

Start your trip in Roudnice nad Labem, where you can get all the information you need at the Podřipsko Information and Transport Centre in Arnoštova Street. From Roudnice, follow cycle route No. 3102, which will take you to the foot of Říp to the village of Rovné. Then you will pass through a local alley and climb up to the top of Říp Mountain, which is quite steep and demanding. There is no shame in pushing it. On Říp, you can have a refreshment in a local hut, see the routunda or several viewpoints.

From Říp, continue down to Rovný and Krabčice. From there, follow the minor road to Bechlin and then to Horní Počapel, where you will join the Elbe Trail. Follow the water through Hněvice, Račice, Záluží and Dobříně back to Roudnice nad Labem.

In Roudnice you can visit the Hlásku tower or the Lobkowicz castle.

Length of trip

32.5 km; Climb: 320 m, Descent: 320 m


Roudnice nad Labem - Vesce - Krabčice - Rovné - Říp - Rovné - Krabčice - Bechlín - Horní Počaply - Hněvice - Račice - Zaluží - Dobříň - Roudnice nad Labem

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Information and Transport Center Podřipska - Roudnice nad Labem

The Information and Transport Center Podřipska can be found in Arnoštova Street, close to the bridge over the Elbe in Roudnice.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: 08:00 to 17:30
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 09:00 to 17:00

Services we provide

  • information about monuments, tourist attractions and possible trips to the surrounding areas
  • information about accommodation and catering facilities
  • information flyers about Podřipsko, about České středohoří and about other areas included in the region Brány do Čech (Ústí nad Labem Region)
  • serves as a ticket office to multiple Roudnice´s monuments
  • sale of souvenirs, maps, books, etc.
  • bus station services (tickets + DÚK waiting room, from 1 July 2018 IDSK - PID, AMSBus), information on bus departures and arrivals
  • vending machine with hot beverages and coffee, sale of small snacks
  • access to internet through the tourist information portal
  • permanent screening of short videos with regional themes showing some of the beautiful attractions of our region, including important events
  • reprographic services
  • rentals for events, seminars, etc., more information.


Informační a dopravní centrum Podřipska
Arnoštova 88
413 01 Roudnice n. L.

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+420 412 871 501
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