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Cycle Route No. 25 - To the Oparenský valley and to Hradiště

Cycle route No. 25 is a relatively long route that leads through many interesting places in the Bohemian Central Highlands.

Start your cycling trip in Lovosice from where you follow the alternative route of the Elbe Trail 2A and ride to the ferry to Malé Žernosky. Here you will join the cycle route No. 25, which leads to the Oparenský valley. In the picturesque valley you can have a refreshment in the Černodolski mill and continue along cycle route No. 25 to the foot of Lovoš via the village of Oparno. From Oparno, the route then leads through Režný Újezd under the Boreč and Košťálov hills and past the ruins of Skalka Castle. And then to the second highest mountain of the Bohemian Central Highlands - Hradišťany. But the route does not end here either and continues on to Most and from there to the Ore Mountains. This is a long and demanding cycling route. Our trip turns off at Hradišťany and heads along cycle route No. 3119 to Třebívlice, where you can board the Plum Railway train that will take you back to Lovosice.

If 40 km is not enough for you, you can go back to Lovosice on your own thanks to cycle routes No. 3119 and 3118, which lead through Lkáň, Třebenice, Úpohlavy and Sulejovice to Lovosice. You can also make several detours along the route and visit other beautiful places. For example, we drove up to Holý vrch above the village of Sutom.

Trip length: 40 km; Climb: 870 m, Descent: 750 m

Route: Lovosice - Malé Žernoseky - Oparenské údolí - Oparno - Rezný Újezd - Sutom - Vlastislav - Hradišťany - Dřevce - Skalice - Třebívlice - to Lovosice along the Plum Track.

Basic route on mapy.cz and longer route on mapy.cz.

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Ferry Malé Žernoseky - Velké Žernoseky

The ferry is goes over Elbe between the villages of Velké and Malé Žernoseky, just above the valley called Porta Bohemica.

Schedual of operation

It operates only during the tourist season, usually from May to September. In May and June the ferry goes - only Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. During the holidays it goes daily.

It goes from 9:00 to 19:00.

It transports people and cyclists. The transport is provided by a small boat that can accommodate up to 20 people.

The ferry leaves every thirty minutes – at “o´clock and half past.” Current information and time schedule can be found on the website of the village Malé Žernoseky

Fare price list

  • 20, - CZK adults
  • 10, - CZK youth up to 18 years
  • 10, - CZK pensioners from 65 years
  • 5, - CZK bike, dog, stroller
  • 5, - CZK other large objects over 60 cm
  • children up to 6 years are free of charge.


Malé Žernoseky
Zahradní 245
410 02 Lovosice

Telephone contact
+420 416 539 012 (obec)
+420 739 734 582
+420 728 033 707


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