Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product

AnnKas Bee Farm – Úštěk

Certified handmade beeswax candles.

Beer lagers of the Podřipský mini-brewery – Ctiněves

Certified Podřipské beers 12 ° wheat and Light lager 11 ° from the family brewery at the foot of Říp.

Beers produced by Na Rychtě Brewery - Ústí nad Labem

A complete range of beers produced by the Na Rychtě Brewery

Chocolate laboratory - Litoměřice

Handmade chocolate truffles from the highest quality ingredients.

Chopped fences – Štětí

Maintenance-free chopped-wood fences.

Coffee roastery Zoban – Litoměřice

Local roastery of exquisite coffee beans and coffee shop.

Cornhusk products and folklore courses - Bechlín

Handmade products, figurines and a nativity scene made of cornhusk will caress your soul and offer a beautiful experience.

Dried fruits from the Central Bohemian Uplands

Hand-picked and dried apples and pears from orchards from the Central Bohemian Uplands

Gingerbread cookies from Podřipsko – Dušníky

Markéta Nebeská's hand-baked and decorated gingerbread is one of the important and delicious regional products.

Goat farm Držovice

Family farm in the country with its own production of dairy products from goat, sheep and cow milk.

Hand-woven clothing and home original accessories – Litoměřice

Original hand-woven clothing and home accessories.

Handmade paper workshop – Litoměřice

The shop and workshop offer handmade paper and small gifts made of handmade paper.

Honey - Filip Horák – Litoměřice

Certified production of home-made honey

Jam from Central Bohemian Uplands

Extra fruit jams with low sugar content and hand-picked fruit.

Lamb products Chovaneček – Hlinná

Production of lamb from our own farm.

Lavender biscuits and culinary lavender from Klapé

Homemade handmade cookies with a long family tradition made of local lavender.

Lavender farm – Židovice

Offer of lavender and lavender products from our own fields in Podřipsko.

Lobkowicz Castle Winery - Roudnice nad Labem

Fratava wine as a regional product and the historic Lobkowicz chateau winery Roudnice nad Labem and its more than 400 years long tradition.

Long lasting meat products Chovaneček – Litoměřice

Offer long lasting meat products of domestic production.

Mini brewery Labuť – Litoměřice

Swan lagers, Swan beer specials and other excellent beers from our own production.