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Journey of the Bohemian Central Highlands

Head to the local workshops for traditional handicrafts and bring back a beautiful gift or souvenir.

A visit to the Bohemian Central Highlands is not always just a hike or a sightseeing trip, but also an experience connected with visiting local producers and producers.

What does traditional craftsmanship look like, how are handmade products made, what does it smell like in local factories?

You will find out all this on the JOURNEY OF CZECH CENTRAL HORIZONS!

Head to the workshops and shops of regional producers. Most of them are just a knock away, some are better to call ahead. Experience the local atmosphere for yourself!


1. PART OF THE ROAD (Litoměřicko)

2. PART OF THE ROAD (Vernericko, Úštěcko)

3. PART OF THE ROAD (Moravany, Klapý, Roudnice nad Labem)

4. PART OF THE ROAD (Podřipsko)

5. PART OF THE ROAD (Litoměřicko and Lovosicko)


Ceramic souvenir magnets - Režný Újezd

Handmade original ceramic magnets made of white clay.

What is a ceramic magnet?

Ceramic magnets made of white clay have a uniform shape - most often oval or square. The dimensions of the magnet are approx. 67x43 mm, the thickness is around 4 mm. On the front side there is an embossed motif according to the wishes of the visitor. Each motif is original and most often it is a motif of sights - castles, towers, mountains or other interesting tourist places, including a title or other text.

Processing procedure

Motifs are prepared on the basis of a photograph, picture or other pattern, which is transferred by hand onto clay (scratched) to create a stamp. Each magnet is hand-cut, fired and then sealed with a dark brown lead-free glaze.

On the back side, the ceramic is coated with a 1.4 mm thick magnetic film with a magnetic pull-off force of 660 g. The firing is carried out as standard at 800°C for the first firing, with glazing at 1100°C for the second firing.

Thanks to the processing method - wiping of the contact glazed surfaces and an efficient height folding system, a large number of pieces can be placed in the kiln per firing, thus minimizing energy consumption. The magnets are packed in reusable boxes and filling materials.


Mgr. Monika Látová
Režný Újezd 16
410 02 Lovosice

Telephone contact
+420 723 627 100 (Mgr. Monika Látová)


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Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product

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