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Journey of the Bohemian Central Highlands

Head to the local workshops for traditional handicrafts and bring back a beautiful gift or souvenir.

A visit to the Bohemian Central Highlands is not always just a hike or a sightseeing trip, but also an experience connected with visiting local producers and producers.

What does traditional craftsmanship look like, how are handmade products made, what does it smell like in local factories?

You will find out all this on the JOURNEY OF CZECH CENTRAL HORIZONS!

Head to the workshops and shops of regional producers. Most of them are just a knock away, some are better to call ahead. Experience the local atmosphere for yourself!


1. PART OF THE ROAD (Litoměřicko)

2. PART OF THE ROAD (Vernericko, Úštěcko)

3. PART OF THE ROAD (Moravany, Klapý, Roudnice nad Labem)

4. PART OF THE ROAD (Podřipsko)

5. PART OF THE ROAD (Litoměřicko and Lovosicko)


Handmade paper workshop – Litoměřice

The shop and workshop offer handmade paper and small gifts made of handmade paper.

The handmade paper workshop was built with the aim of reviving the ancient craft of handmade paper production and enabling a person of the third millennium to experience that it has not lost anything in its originality, beauty and usefulness.

It offers sheets of handmade paper of various formats, traditional items such as envelopes, letterheads, greeting cards with various motifs, books, etc. Such products are always original, because it is practically impossible to make a duplicate in handmade production.


The new exhibition The Story of Paper is the first exhibition of its kind in the Czech Republic. It offers an educational and playful environment for children and adults. It shoes the way of production and origin of paper, the beginnings in Europe and the production of raw materials once and before.

The exhibition is open Monday - Friday - 10:00 - 17:00, but it is possible to arrange a personal tour, including an individual tour or a workshop for groups and individuals.


Dílna ručního papíru, o.s.
Velká Dominikánská 33
412 01 Litoměřice

Telephone contact
+420 724 092 279


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Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product

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