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Journey of the Bohemian Central Highlands

Head to the local workshops for traditional handicrafts and bring back a beautiful gift or souvenir.

A visit to the Bohemian Central Highlands is not always just a hike or a sightseeing trip, but also an experience connected with visiting local producers and producers.

What does traditional craftsmanship look like, how are handmade products made, what does it smell like in local factories?

You will find out all this on the JOURNEY OF CZECH CENTRAL HORIZONS!

Head to the workshops and shops of regional producers. Most of them are just a knock away, some are better to call ahead. Experience the local atmosphere for yourself!


1. PART OF THE ROAD (Litoměřicko)

2. PART OF THE ROAD (Vernericko, Úštěcko)

3. PART OF THE ROAD (Moravany, Klapý, Roudnice nad Labem)

4. PART OF THE ROAD (Podřipsko)

5. PART OF THE ROAD (Litoměřicko and Lovosicko)


Hand-woven clothing and home original accessories – Litoměřice

Original hand-woven clothing and home accessories.

Mrs. Brázová's offer of hand-woven clothing and home accessories is wide. In this range of products you will find pillows, carpets, plaids, scarves, handbags, clothing.

Everything is made on a hand loom according to your own designs using combination of traditional natural and modern materials.

Hand-woven products bring the original textile-making technology closer to today. They enrich clothing and living with a quality and timeless product.

Mrs. Brázová has the certificate for all her products.


Petra Brázová
Kubínova 438/8
412 01 Litoměřice

Telephone contact
+420 605 512 066


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Regional brand - ČESKÉ STŘEDOHOŘÍ Regional product

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