A journey through the flavours and scents of the Bohemian Central Highlands

Explore local gastronomy directly with the producers themselves and taste the Bohemian Central Highlands with all your senses.

The local countryside offers not only a variety of hiking trails and sightseeing trips, but also the experience of visiting local producers and producers.

What does traditional craftsmanship look like, how are handmade products made, what does local food taste and smell like?

You will learn all this on the culinary Journey of Tastes and Flavours of the Czech Central Highlands.

Head to the workshops and shops of regional producers. Most of them are just a knock away, some are better to call ahead. Experience the local atmosphere for yourself!


1. PART OF THE ROAD (Litoměřicko)

2. PART OF THE ROAD (Vernericko, Úštěcko)

3. PART OF THE ROAD (Moravany, Klapý, Roudnice nad Labem)

4. PART OF THE ROAD (Podřipsko)

5. PART OF THE ROAD (Litoměřicko and Lovosicko)

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TERGUS (liqueur quality wine) - Velké Žernoseky

The quality liqueur wine fortified from the Mikulenkovi winery is produced from the Dornfelder grape variety, the white from the Müller Thurgau grape variety.

The quality liqueur wine fortified with the name TERGUS is produced by Mikulenkovi as the first Czech winery since 2013 from the Dornfelder grape variety by fining with neutral, high-level food alcohol.

This process allows the wine to retain the flavour and aroma of the grape variety without the influence of the distillate supplied. Since 2020, TERGUS has also been produced from white wine, from the Müller Thurgau grape variety.

After bottling, the wine is kept for at least 1 year in oak barriques, where it is aged before being bottled.

TERGUS is sold in special 0.5l bottles and in oak barrels of 10l, 15l or 20l.

The winery operates in the ECO-agriculture mode and the grapes used for the production of quality liqueur wine TERGUS are grown in organic quality.

TIP - wine tastes great with good quality chocolate or other small sweets. So it's dessert as it should be.

The Mikulenkovi family winery offers not only good wine, but also an unusual experience.

In the winery you can sit, taste their homemade bread with crackling spread, buy small gifts and of course wine. You can hold a company meeting, seminar or training session here, but also celebrate your graduation or your wedding!

Overnight stays in the vineyard with your own sleeping bag under the open air, tours of the vineyard and of course accommodation in our own guesthouse Aurelius are also an experience.


Rodinné vinařství Mikulenkovi
Velké Žernoseky 17
412 01 Velké Žernoseky

Telephone contact
+420 777 153 743 (ubytování, degustace, prodej vín a dárkových předmětů)
+420 774 001 890 (farma, obchod)


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